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Safety Guidelines

We haven't launched yet, however, our concern for your safety is already a priority for us. So please take into consideration these guidelines when you will open the app.

Making friends is fun, whether it's in person or through texting. Venturing into the unknown feels exciting, however, this also brings some risks, as we cannot control other people's actions. That's why it's important to remain alert at all times and follow these guidelines.

Online Safety

Don't interact with users who haven't been verified

We ask our users to do a quick selfie to prove they are who they say they are. Users who have completed this process is more likely to be a real person. ​

Never share your personal information

The biggest risk is sharing your social security with strangers, this will result in a scam, and you may lose money. Don't share your home address or work address with people whom you've just met. If you are underaged, don't mention where you go to school and details about your routine. 

Be wary of false locations 

Scammers may pretend they live in a city they are not based in to gain the interest of their victims. They may try to appeal to your humanitarian side and ask for help to return to their home. In other cases, they may give you a too-good-to-be-truth kind of deal, by asking for money in advance in return for an inheritance.  

Report any suspicious and offensive behavior

Take action when someone is behaving in a dangerous manner. Report and block them as soon as you notice a red flag. Our community guidelines are against offensive language, threats, harassment, and inappropriate requests, please let us know when your sensitivity has been violated. Other red flags that are our top concern are scammers who ask for your personal information and spammers who invite you to visit other websites or buy products. 

Meeting in Person

Always verify before meeting up

Whether it's through a phone call or preferably video chat, make sure you are going to meet up with a real person. ​

Take your time 

Take your time in getting to know the person you are speaking with. Trust is built in time and through many tests!

Stay in public

If you have decided to meet up, make sure it's in a public place and it's during the daytime. 

Communicate with your close friends and family

Let your close friends and family know who you are meeting up with, and where you are going to meet up with. Don't forget to update them on your location and your status during the meeting. 

• Check and double check

Never go on a meet-up without a full battery, and access to 3g or phone calls in case of emergency. 

Have a limit

Try to not consume any alcohol or drugs during your first meet-ups, but if you do, maintain a low level of intoxication as this may impair your judgment and reduce your alertness. Be wary of people who are pressuring you into drinking more than you are comfortable with. 

Don't leave your drink or personal belongings unattended

Don't lose sight of your drink/ meal as someone could slip illegal substances in order to take advantage of you sexually later. These illegal substances are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Only accept drinks served by a professional and licensed bartender. Moreover, keep any belongings that may reveal your personal information (credit card, phone etc) in a guarded place with you.


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